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FREE CALLS on MOST 08 NUMBERS! Fed up with queueing for UK call centres? The WeQ4U App gets you through without waiting on 01/02/03/08 numbers! Save up to 58p per minute!As featured in Which?, Metro, The Guardian, The Sunday Times, Call Centre Focus, Kiss FM, Heart, BBC Radio and TV and The Gadget Show amongst others.
This is the Ad Free version of our popular app. If you are upgrading from the ad-supported version, make sure you completely uninstall the old app using Google Play, otherwise it won't work properly.
WeQ4U puts you through to ANY UK number starting 01, 02, 03, 05 or 080, as well as thousands of other 084 and 087 numbers in our extensive database of UK companies.
To use it, just enter the number you wish to reach and the app will connect you. If you get stuck in a queue, just press 9* on your telephone keypad, and your phone will disconnect from the call.
We'll stay in the queue for you, and when an agent answers, you will be automatically reconnected straight away.
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WeQ4U saves you time and money:
ALL calls through WeQ4U are included in your standard minutes, saving you around 35p per minute (and as much as 58p per minute on some mobile plans) on your 084 and 087 calls - whether you encounter a queue or not! Plus, you don't use any minutes for the time we wait in the queue for you. How good is that!
If you're on Contract, this makes calling through WeQ4U FREE so long as you stay within your monthly allowance for 01/02/03 numbers. If you are on Pay As You Go / Top Up, then you only pay your standard 01/02/03 rate for the calls, instead of the much higher rates mobile companies charge when you call 084 or 087 numbers direct.
Your call history will show the number you requested, alongside the money saving WeQ4U number, starting with 03, that your phone actually dialled.
WeQ4U has an Auto Use feature so it will automatically be used on 08, 03 and selected business 01 and 02 numbers whenever possible, whether you dial with the phone dial pad, from contacts, web pages or your call history. Just open the app once to activate Auto Use.
01 and 02 numbers that are not Auto Used can be always be accessed by opening the app.
You can disable Auto Use by opening the app and unchecking the Auto Use box, if you need to. You can also selectively disable Auto Use on freephone numbers by tapping the checkbox.
If you have questions or feedback please email us at It is difficult for us to help you if you just leave a negative review. You may be able to answer your query by visiting too.
We take privacy very seriously. WeQ4U does NOT record your calls, and does NOT share your personal or call details with anyone.
The WeQ4U App creates a WeQ4U Contact in your phone that may have several numbers that WeQ4U may use. This is so you can tell when a call is going through our service. It does not access your contacts in any other way, or for any other reason. We're on the level! You can see our full privacy policy at
NOTE: For numbers that start 084 or 087, the number must exist in our alternate number database in order do be used. We have tens of thousands of 084 and 087 numbers from public sources. Most popular 084 and 087 numbers are in our database. Overall, we are able to successfully service 70% of all queries for these numbers.
Please note: Alternate numbers are sourced from publicly available sources. We cannot accept responsibility for the accuracy or quality of any alternative numbers used by the app/service, as we can't manually check every one. Use of WeQ4U is therefore entirely at your own risk.
So what's the catch? There isn't one. Enjoy!